Adding Thickness

Something you’ve seen before:

[Too large to upload]

I created the hull and deck profile. Then I used the hull and deck to split each other. They form a closed polysurface.

The sheer strake (gray) now extends above the deck. In order to actually make one of these, I need to add thickness to the sheer strake.

OffsetSrf creates a caca non-open polysurface.

How might I go about creating such a solid area?

you can export using save small. zipping it may decrease the file size even more. but anway what you can try is intersect the hull with the deck to get one curve, then dup the upper boarder of your strake and see if lofting those 2 curves adds anything useful. you can also add some extraced isocurves from the strake if 2 curves are not enough, or entirely build the loft like that.

in case you get such overlappings you may try to simplify the curves before lofting. if offsetSrf still does not work you can offset the upper curve and use OffsetCrvOnSrf for the lower one. then loft and sweep the upper surface. or use the curves to sweep everything with a normal curve downwards and trim and join.

This is what I got. It’s overly complicated but seems to work.

  1. Rough trimmed the hull below where the deck is located.
  2. Offsetsrf to create a solid. Then I cut and filled hole in the problem areas.
  3. Extended the deck profile as a surface. Then I split the profile using the offset surface and split the offset using the resulting deck.
  4. Joined the deck to the remaining offset surface.
  5. Used extractsrf to remove all of what came from the “hull” from the part.
  6. I took the part and joined it to a copy of the hull that I started with.

What would really like at this point is some command that would simplify the closed poly surface while allowing all the surfaces to join.