Adding the double quotes for inches?

HI All. Another Noob question. I am producing shop drawings for a cabinet company, which I have done before with no issues. However, at this particular shop, they are busting my balls a little over not showing the double quotes in my dim’s.
I have never paid attention to this before, to be honest… and I just assumed that if looking at a cabinet… not a cottage, that 21 1/2 would mean 21 1/2" inches not a lower end cabinet that is 21 1/2 feet long. They are concerned their shop guys will get confused… so when your done laughing. :slight_smile: is there someone who could point me in the right direction to enable the " sign in my dimensions style I can’t seem to find it.
And I know this shows in the Architectural style, but I cannot show Ft inch, everything has to be fractional inch dimensions.

Thanks All.

i’m on Mac and not sure about the exact location on Windows for this but…

go to your Settings -> Dimensions -> Format…
there should be an option for ‘Primary text’…
in the ‘Suffix’ portion, add any text you’d like to appear after the dimension… in this case, the double-quote "

Rhino for Windows V5
Settings > Document Properties > Annotation > Dimensions > Inch Fractional
Scroll down in the panel until Primary text is visible. Follow Jeff’s instruction above.

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Awesome! Thanks for the help Jeff/David.