Adding solid fill to uneven surface (Shell surface)

I create several models using rhinoceros. But i want run model for different filling heights. So is there any way to model this using grasshopper.
1. Model_1_Doubly curve (47.3 KB)

Dear @rohantharukshan,

I am a bit confused with your question. Can you please clarify what you are trying acheive?

Upon first look at your definition, I see that you should flatten all inputs into the AssembleModel component otherwise you have multiple models (the supports are not in the same model as your main surface)

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I’m trying to extrude the curve surface to a flat surface as shown in the figure. It should be solid one and also i need to change height parameters (from apex)
I’m actually new to the grasshopper, so could you please explain to me how to add supports to same model.

Thank you

You can define a mesh of varying thickness by inputting a list of thicknesses based on the mesh vertices. Karamba3D interprets the mesh axis as the center of the shell.

To flatten the support input, you can plug all the supports into a “flatten” component and then into the assemble model component