Adding/Preparing Imported Mesh Models for Rendering

I am trying to add an armchair (Rolf Benz 552 MIO) to a scene, but when I import and just render it, things look like this:

I know that it can look quite good (except the material…), but I simply have no clue what exactly is going on and needs to be done in order to get a proper result here. Is it the ‘tris to quads’ part? ‘Redoing the UVs’? (Is this something like reparameterizing??) Can someone perhaps tell me what exactly needs to be done here and whether that is possible in Rhino?

Try the Weld command and enter 10 as the angle. The imported mesh is not smooth shaded due to the weld angle info in the mesh at a guess. You can try other weld angles as well too. If that doesn’t help, make sure you don’t have flat shading enabled in the renderer or display mode if it’s Neon.

I tried several values for welding and unwelding, but nothing looks acceptable…

When I import that file to Thea Studio, Thea’s standalone piece of software, things look okay. While importing I have the following options:

Probably the last one makes the difference. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any explanation for that one in Thea’s manual. Is ‘Smooth Normals 30’ perhaps self-explaining to you?

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Post the mesh if you can and I’ll take a look. It might have some other issue. Nevermind… I see it… one sec…

Okay, the mesh had a bunch of issues. I used MeshRepair to fix the parts until it said the mesh was good. Then Weld at 45 did the trick. The feet needed ExtractMeshPart first however as one of them was flipped.

552_SE_3ds_repaired.3dm (1.6 MB)


I didn’t know MeshRepair and having to repair a mesh I just downloaded from a manufacturer sounds plain wrong, but this looks much better now. Thank you.