Adding Objects to Existing Blocks

When I use ‘Add objects’ in block edit, the items I add are created as duplicates. Is the intended behaviour? If so, is there any way to change the default?

All of the objects I’m adding are themselves Blocks, if that has any relevance.

Hi Matt - that is by design, I cannot right now remember the rationale but I expect is was considered ‘safer’.


Thanks for the clarification Pascal. Is there any way to modify the default? A simple per-session-sticky ‘Copy - Yes/No’ command line toggle would be nice. :slight_smile: If the obligatory “+” appeared next to the cursor with it enabled, I’d have thought it would be safe enough.

While I’m making requests - can I ask that nested blocks be accessed for editing by double clicking them, just as is the case for top level blocks? The block edit panel could then switch to just listing the items in that sub block. ‘OK’ would take you back up a level and display the previous levels items. Sub-blocks (of multiple parts) could show in the list in bold type. I find adding/removing items from nested blocks a very unintuitive process atm - never know if it’s worked until I click the OK button.

Hi Matt-thanks, I added some bugs/requests… rereading your post I see there is one more as well.



Here is my rationale: I often add objects which have history. If I later do something which updates the history, the preserved original will update. I can then use Block Edit to swap in the updated version.

The inconsistency is that Block Definition does not use copies, only Add Objects. So before I create a block I have to copy in place and then block the copies.

Until Block is History Enabled, that is about the best I can do for a work flow that allows tweaking via parents of objects in blocks.