Adding MRU toolbar to a popup toolbar


I see one of the settings for the MMB is to pop up the MRU tool bar, is there any way I can add this toolbar to my existing pop up toolbar?


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Don- The setting for the MRU pop up on the middle mouse button is not the MRU toolbar but a menu. You can add a button to your pop-up with the command


Does that do it?


(Brian James) #3

Here’s another option too… the MRU toolbar can be displayed through this option. It won’t dock in the pop-up but can be elsewhere.


@BrianJ Yep I have that already.


@Pascal Not really what I had in mind, maybe a wish then, that the MRU could be a tab on a popup toolbar.

(Pascal Golay) #6

Consider it wished…

( )


(But, I bet the PopUpMenu button way is faster and handier)


Well it was not populated when I first tried it, now that it has been there a while, it may be handy. I positioned the button on the popup toolbar so it is directly under my mouse when it pops up. We will see how it works.



This might be a silly question, but what is MMB and MRU?

(Brian James) #9

middle mouse button
most recently used


Can I repeat my request for a MMB equivalent for us tablet-users (suggest Shift+RightClick)
I feel left out…

(Brian James) #11

Hi cairn,

I’ve recently switched to a tablet and changed the pen button settings to be RMB on one side and MMB on the other. Does that work for you?


Is there a way for either:

  • the PopUpMenu to display the command names, and not keyboard shortcuts that were used to launch the command
  • The MRU toolbar to include the icon for commands that were typed or accessed through keyboard shortcuts

(Pascal Golay) #13

Hi Eric - no to both at the moment, I’m afraid. Hard to say how this could work- a keyboard shortcut can fire off anything- a huge long macro , a script, etc., and the toolbar would not have buttons available automatically for all commands - most, yes, but not all and not for aliases etc. In the future, it may be possible to link keyboard shortcuts and aliases to the RUI file alias list, in which case all of this could be a lot easier.


I understand. I just got excited about MRU, but I type and have keyboard shortcuts wired up to the space mouse. I almost never click on an icon.

The shortcuts for the space mouse are all ctrl+shift+1, ctrl+shift+2, ctrl+shift+3, etc. That way I can manage all of my shortcuts from within Rhino.


Yeah, but assuming you have tap set to single-click, then you can’t have a (for example) double-click (not used much in Rhino but still useful for file navigation…)
Pen only has two buttons so keyboard/click combo still makes sense.

(Brian James) #16

Good point… I don’t see a way to get the tip to be a double click via a keyboard modifier. I’d ask Wacom if you can, I think this would need to happen in their driver.