Adding model line error: The multiplicities of other interior knots must be at most degree - 2

Getting this error when attempting to add model lines (closed curves) using the AddModelLine.ByCurve component.

As far as I know this is related to Nurbs handling of curves but it seems over my head - I’ve ensured there are not duplicate lines causing this error and each straight segment of each curve is made up of simply 2 endpoints. Any help is appreciated.

Would you mind shareing the definition so I can run tests here? Thanks!

Rhino and Ghop attached, thanks for taking a look @eirannejad . 200115_model_RI.3dm (480.5 KB) (14.4 KB)

Hey @dburpee
Seems like there is an issue with the component trying to create periodic curves. I have filed an issue:

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Thank you for taking a look @eirannejad

To be clear - the curves in my definition are non-periodic, correct? They have kinks / hard corners. I found this similar forum post for OpenGl (but it is related to nurbs curves and knot multiplicity. Perhaps the information can be of some help.)

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