Adding metadata to certain commands

Would it be possible to capture geometry creation data and attach it to the output surface such that it would show up when you run the “What” command?

The best example I can think of is for fillets. When I need to redo some surfaces or fillets it’s often difficult/impossible to remember what the input settings were for the original ones that will be deleted.

When you would run say the FilletEdge command, Rhino would record and store the settings in the command line upon execution. So if I run RailType=DistBetweenRails with a distance of 8mm this would be recorded and stored with the surface created.

If you have to go back to this at a later point running the What command would show you those settings.

Hi Mark - if you FilletEdge and then run the command again later and choose Edit, you can see the existing fillet radii and, I believe, rail type. Does that help at all?


Hi Pascal,

Yes this helps for fillets, but I was just using this as an example. I was thinking this could also apply to other commands such as BlendSrf and Pipe.

For BlendSrf as an example it would remember the numerical slider settings. In case you need to iterate or recreate, you could get your initial values back by running the What command.

Just thinking out loud, but it seems to me that there should be a way to capture input data and have it be accessible.

Hi Mark - yeah, BlendSrf also has an Edit but it does not remember the slider numbers - that seems like a bug to me.
RH-61220 BlendSrf: remember the slideer values in Edit