Adding/importing Python modules

I searched for this question for a while and I still can’t get this to work. I would like to import a python module called Paramiko and here is what I tried so far
I typed this in a python component

 import sys
 for p in sys.path:
        print p 

Then I copied the Paramiko folder into the resulted path.
This method didn’t work.
Could someone guide me on how to do this?

It looks like there is an additional Python component which can do more because it uses a Python install on your box or remote server:

Maybe if the stock Python support can’t do it, that component will help?

@jdelrocco, thanks, this looks great. I tried to install it but the installation failed. I contacted the component developer for help!

Yeah, from the description on Github:

[…] it depends on third-party C wrappers for low level crypto;

so that won’t work natively on IronPython.

sorry to resurrect this old post. The GH Python Remote stopped working for me, it throws an error. Is there any other options available to me?