Adding hinge when connecting a beam to a shell

Hi Kiwi!3D Team,

I am trying to connect a beam to a shell, and I want the connection point to be a hinge that can only rotate. However, now I can only turn the hinge on/off using the Beam Element component, and when it is turned on, it seems that the hinge can freely move around.

This is what happens when hinge is turned off (the two surfaces are fixed together, which is not what I want):

This is what happens when hinge is turned on (seems that the hinge is not connecting the two surfaces):

I want to use shell instead of beam since I will change the strips into other shapes later on. Is there a way to solve this hinge connection problem?

Is there an example file for a scissor hinge between two surfaces? That would be helpful. Thanks!

There is no direct way to do that. You have to add small beams at the connection point. Use the coupling features in order to ensure that each beam is only coupled to one of the surfaces. The scissor joint can then be applied between the beams as usual.