Adding Formatted Blank Text Field to a Block

There’s a great tutorial on the McNeel site for inserting, into blocks, text fields that automatically populate themselves with data and metadata, but I just want to create a formatted text field Into which I can type something different into each instance of the block. I thought I saw a tutorial on this, but now I can’t find it.

I’m not familiar with the tutorial you’re describing.
However, you could make a block, then add a “User text” Text Field to a piece of text, and Group it to the block instance.
Copy your instance around all you want.
Click on one and in Properties, you can change the User text for each one so they are different.

Neither I nor Scott can figure out how to do that. Keep getting a piece of text displaying the code. The “User Text” want to link to something already present in the document.

4Djhg.3dm (29.1 KB)

It’s a block instance with a piece of text using the UserText text field attached to the block instance, and Grouped together.

Copy the instance around and change the place holder text on each one.

Got it, thanks. It’s the way I always did such things in AutoCAD because I never understood how to use dynamic blocks…