Adding extra indexes to path

Hi, I’m not sure about the exact terminology. For data that only has 1 level, I would like to add levels so that it ends up with three levels. If the data is already at that third level, then do nothing (I guess this would be called a “ceiling”). Sort of like simplify, but in reverse and with some way to set its limit. So for example:

(0;0;0) \rightarrow (0;0;0)
(0;0;1) \rightarrow (0;0;1)

(0) \rightarrow (0,0,0)
(1) \rightarrow (0,0,1)

I have a feeling that path mapper can do this but my PM skills are non-existent. Can someone point me in the right direction? Many thanks! cbass

Maybe with Path Mapper. (8.4 KB)
Canvas at 21;20;23

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Thank you Dani. This helps a lot! cbass