Adding different values to one property

I want to add to the walls and to the windows the two own created properties “CAALA_Name” and “CAALA_ID”. The values have to be different for window (“Test CAALA Name window” and “Test CAALA ID window”) and walls (“Test CAALA Name wall” and “Test CAALA ID wall”). I tried several ways in GH, but somehow I don`t find a solution.

Parameters (22.9 KB)

Adding the parameters to the walls works as expected

As long as Walls and Windows are checked here, it should work fine.

Hey Japhy, thank you for the quick respond. I have the same result…

But for some reason the windows now have the values of the walls and the walls have no values at all? I can’t explain that :slight_smile:

… and yes I checked everything in the Parameter Properties

If you save the revit file and re-open are the values there? What version of Rhino.Inside.Revit? (see the about tab)

I suspect its losing context (revit buttons grayed out on the arch tab)

I had to open a new blank Revit file - then it worked fine.

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