Adding data informations to a list in different time

I wondering if is it possibile to add in different times data informations to populate a list.
I’ll explain, as for a quantity takeoff I would like to add strings of values to a list, without losing the previous ones.
Thank you

If you are looking for dictionary data structure, there is a plugin Called Dictionary on F4R.

Hi @Quan_Li,
Thank you, but how it works?

The classic/pro way to deal with that (requires coding) is to define a Class where one (or several) Properties is/are related with your List while other Properties remain “open” to hold any information (i.e. stuff of any Data Type in any Collection Type). Then you cam perform any simple/nested Query (via P/LINQ) imaginable for data mining.

But as I said this approach requires coding: if that is outside of your envelope … it’s out of question.