Adding custom file type to Rhino Library


Is it possible to add my custom file type, so Rhino Library view shows it?


Any idea about it?


@nathanletwory, is this something you know anything about?

@marton.parlagh do you mean with custom file type a file type that presents a custom RenderContent?

Yes. For example I have a custom Rhino material. + I have a file format *.mymat. And I would like to display thumbnails for this custom format in the library panel and drag and drop the *.mymat file into the Rhino scene and the plugin creates the custom Rhino material from it.
If it is not possible directly from the Rhino library panle, it is also good to drag and drop it from a windows/OSX file explorer.


@andy, I believe you have most knowledge on how to add a custom fileformat like this. Do we have any sample code for this?


We just use a shell extension for this - you’ll have to write your own. It’s actually fairly simple.

We do it in C++, but a quick search finds some C# examples:

The advantage of doing it this way is the the preview thumbnail shows up all over the place - in Explorer itself, file dialogs - etc etc.

  • Andy