Adding constraints/relations

I have a simple question Why Rhino does not use a history to make changes into the dimensions?
Time ago I saw working in this option and really was very useful.

I worked a pair of years with solidworks and the history save a lot of time making changes in parts for manufacturing, Now I work in rhino but I miss the history to edit somethings easily.

I know in grasshopper I could make this stuff but I think the interface is gross for a simple box perforated or another simple pieces.

Nowadays I prefer work in rhino I just want be able to use a kind of modeling history eventually more and more people would use Rhino even if they dont use grasshopper or algoritmic design.

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Hi Heen - dimensions are not driving in Rhino but in V6/Beta dimensions do have history-recording attached automatically.


that will be awesome I can wait to test it!.
Something like box edit? or what about the menu, interface or command?

There are plans for t-splines to rhino 6?
I really hope you guys make it possible as soon as the final version of rhino 6

I think you misunderstood what Pascal wrote. In Rhino 6, annotations (dimensions) update when you - somehow - modify your geometry.

That’s not going to happen, no.

I hope some day rhino common interface goes into parametric stuff. For now I keep going into grasshopper.

Sometimes I hate Autodesk the buy every developer making nice stuff for 3d modelling industry making a stand alone softwares changing all the interfaces and nice workflows.

Support for t-splines for rhino!