Adding conditions to manipulate surface

Hi everyone,

I want to generate a 4 points parametric surface, and the alternatives will be generated through manipulating the points coordinates in the x,y directions.

so, I have created the points and plugged it into the surface but i need to apply these two conditions:

  1. I want the surface to be created without making the boundary edges of the surface overlap? I mean I want to connect points in a sequence but don’t want to connect the last one back to the first.

  2. How i prevent the points from having the same coordinates in one surface so it won’t turn into a triangle .

You can use the Convex Hull component to create a non-crossing outline of four points.

If two points do happen to have the same coordinate, in what way should they be modified? Do you want to move both points away from each other? If so, in what direction? Move only one point?

thank u the convex hull was what i am looking for indeed

if two points had the same coordinates changing one point coordinates will be enough,how i would insert this condition,
i want to say while generating the surface don’t match points coordinates,so i can get a 4 sides polygon ,not a triangle or point.

another thing,when increasing the number of points convex hull doesnt create the surface through all points unless it was on an edge of the polygon…how to create that surface correctly,

many thanks for ur time

i want to add this
if i have point A(x1,y1) and B (x2,y2)
if x1=x2 and Y1=Y2
change X1 TO X1+1 ( adding a number to change the value )
or maybe skip to another value in the list of coordinates

and so on for the other 2 points