Adding color to my complete object

Now that I finished this tutorial I’m wanting to add black to shadow the recesses of my class ring. I was hoping someone could suggest an easy way that a beginner wouldn’t think of that would avoid separating the ring into parts, adding materials, and then joining again.

Thank you for the newbie support.


Shadows in the recesses can most quickly be achieved by turning on the skylight. I believe you’re using the Rhino Renderer, if so, open the Sun panel from the Panels drop down menu and enable the skylight. The render will take longer but will have the shadows in the embossed areas. You can then add an additional Rectangular light or Spot for added directional shadows.

A more complex approach is to use an ambient occlusion in an advanced renderer like Brazil for instance. Stick with the basic skylight first though.

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I see your persistence paid off nice job. Look out it is going to be more fun all of the time.

All my best … Danny

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