Adding chaos to models

Looking for a way to add chaos, noise, wiggles and crumples to my models to make them look decayed and aged.

Does GH have these functions? In max we can add noise etc or use tyflow to create these effects but I was wondering if anyone is doing this using Gh and Rhino?

Thanks for any hints or tips on files to look at.

It depends on what you mean. Can you show some examples of the kind of effect you are trying to achieve. You want this to be in the actual model? Wouldn’t you normally do this with textures, like displacement?

Hi @seltzdesign
Sorry I don’t have any examples. I guess I could use displacement. I’m used to 3dsmax for this sort of stuff where’s it’s really easy to do. In max one can add a noise modifier to a building and it shakes things up or makes things uneven. One can also add other modifiers that do certain things like melt your model etc.

I’m looking for noise in GH but I don’t see it. I want to reference my model/s and see what noise or any kind of chaos might do to them in Rhino. I’m using Rhino for my scene layout before export to max for animation. But because cycles is so great now and fast to use, I’m getting nice results in Rhino which I wasn’t able to in the past that I wanted to push some of my models a bit more.

In 3dsmax I’m using tyflow and it’s incredible what one can do with it since it’s a particle system and you don’t have to know a lot of coding to get good results. One can do erosions, explosions all sorts of wild things including granulating your model into sand but I’m not at the export part yet.

I did think that simple noise was possible I thought I read about people doing it in Gh but I’m far from competent in GH so it’s a mystery to me.

Thanks for your interest and possibility of steering me to a def that might be usable.

Yeah, I get what you mean, but Grasshopper is not really that type of thing. Grasshopper is a parametric modeller, whereas what you can do for example in 3dsmax or Cinema4D usually works for meshes and is geared towards animation. Rhino is not and therefore you don’t get these types of nodes. That said, you can still get similar effects, but just not quite as simply as in 3dsmax.

So you can totally rebuild those nodes in Grasshopper. They wont be as fast as in 3dsmax, but they will still work.

The reason they don’t exist is that nobody needs them in Grasshopper. 3dsmax is for visual effects, where those types of things come in handy. Rhino comes from the CAD and construction world and therefore doesnt have them, but then has tons of other cool things.

So for example the Noise that you mention. If that just means randomly offsetting all your vertices in a mesh, then of course you can do that. You just have to build it.


Ok I thought I’d ask because I did think that adding simple noise to a mesh was possibly easy in GH but I guess not.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

No no, I didnt say it wasn’t relatively simple. I just don’t know what Noise does or you expect it to do. If you can show me what it does I am sure its pretty straight forward to do.

Here you go. This is a super quick way to add noise. It just randomly offsets the vertices of a mesh. You can adjust this and make it more complex really easily. (8.5 KB)

You can then cluster everything and save it as a user object:

and then you can use it again any time you need it:

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You can also do it without GH. Displacement is a native feature since Rhino 6

Hi @seltzdesign

What can I say but thank you kindly. This is exactly what I was looking for. Plus I can learn from your competent example. I would’ve never figured this out on my own. I was looking for a noise tool on one of the tabs. I know this isn’t much use for the manufacturing sector but it’s great for VFX people.
Again thanks for taking the time,
Much obliged for your help.


Hi @Wiley
Good call I tried it a while ago and wasn’t happy with it because of it being image based, but revisiting I see I can use the other map types like noise etc and it’s also giving nice results.
Thanks for your help and the reminder,

You’re welcome. Yeah, not something very intuitive until you understand Grasshopper a bit, but you get the hang of it quickly and I find it is almost infinitely more capable and versatile than the systems inside other 3D software. Of course, they have other advantages like being a lot faster and more high-level. Houdini I think is pretty great, but other visual scripting tools like in Blender and Cinema4D are just getting started.

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