Adding "block" to the "join" button right-click?

Many toolbar buttons have a second command on right-click in Rhino, and once discovered, I found it to be pretty neat.

In the standard toolbar, I think there’s a bit of an UI inconsistency, though:

The “explode” button can be used on both joined surfaces and blocks, but the join button immediately to the left of it cannot.

Would it be possible to add the “block” command as a right-click option to that button, so both buttons can work on polysurfaces and blocks? Right now, it looks as if the right-click is unused on it by default.


(I tried to do this myself, but apparently I’m not allowed to edit this menu?)

Hello - Shift-Right click to edit the button yourself.


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Thank you, that worked!

I was confused since in my custom toolbars, I can just right click (no need for shift).

Hello - right click to run the rmb command; shift+ right click to edit the button.


Sorry, to clarify, in most toolbars, you can right-click empty space to get an editing dialog for that toolbar, but that vertical one is unique in some way and does require the shift-right click on the actual button.