Adding a triangle extention to the facade

Hello all,
I’'m trying to add a triangle extension to the façade as you can see in the attached picture. I want to change the angle α while keeping the length of the (A) side fix but (B) side can change to accommodate the changes in the angle α. I don’t know how to do that so I would be really thankful if you can help me.
Thanks in advance.

facade (triangle).gh (480.5 KB)
facade (triangle).3dm (32.6 KB)

Have a look at the attachment.

facade (triangle) (481.8 KB)

Hi @HS_Kim,
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.
I want to move point A and point B toward each other in x direction as you can see in the attached picture. I’ve used “Move component” but it doesn’t work. Do you know any solution?
Thanks in advance

facade (triangle) (463.0 KB)
facade (triangle)2.3dm (87.2 KB)

Just add z angle of Point Polar.

facade (triangle) (14.3 KB)

Hi @HS_Kim
I want to split a non-planar surface (A) into two parts (B) and © as you can see in attached picture. the size of part © must always be 0.9 m while the angle α and the size of (B) are changing. Do you have any idea?
Thanks In Advance.
Split non-planar (13.1 KB) .


while I am (by far) not as good as @HS_Kim I still wanted to offer a solution. Attached you will find the file. I was not 100 % sure where you wanted

a) The edge length of the lower square to be 0.9 m or
b) The height of the lower square to be 0.9

so I added both. a) is represented in the blue group, while b) is represented in the purple group.

Split non-planar (26.6 KB)

Check this as well…

Split non-planar (18.4 KB)