Adding a ridge


Im wondering if someone can point me in the right direction for adding a ridge on a product that Im drawing?

Here is the photo. Its the raised ridge on the side that Im trying to learn to create.

Thanks in advance for any help.

i guess you forgot to implement the image

Transparent product. :wink:

// Rolf

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I couldnt see how to attach the photo?

No, sorry, I cannot see how to attach the photo?

Just drag and drop or use upload button(in the comment editor).


You can copy-paste (CTRL-C) an image directly into a post (at the cursor position) from the clipboard, or press the upload icon in the editor if you have an image on disk. After pressing the button above you’ll see the following dialog. Select a file from disk (upper button) and then press the Upload in the lower left corner.

// Rolf


Thanks very much!



is this any better?

No, just the file name appears. Are you trying to use the cut and paste method? If so try the click on the icon and upload the file method which RIL described.


Lets try this method?

It worked.

I would model the ridge as a separate surface.

If a semi-circular shape is needed try using the Pipe command along a curve, and then trimming the portion of the pipe which is inside the object.

How much experience with Rhino do you have?

Im a first year newbie!

or use extract iscocurve then you can pipe as david pointed out
and use trim to cut the rest off or use boolean union.

Thanks to both of you! I’ve been trying that approach but having problems trimming an getting the Boolean to work?

you can just drag and drop the file into the reply field after clicking reply but dont use thumbnails this time :wink:

The problems I’ve been having could be Rhino for Mac issues? I showed the file to one of the tech specialist at Rhino and they did find a bug problem possibly related to the new “High Sierra” operating system on Mac. I thought maybe there was a completely different approach that I wasn’t considering?

i dont believe this has anything to do with rhinos internal functions. tools can fail but without a file we can not help you further. the technical support does not share any public folder with people frequenting the discourse, for files which where sent in. so if its not confidential then posting it would be probably the best go for now.

Try using Split and deleting the unwanted parts instead of Boolean operations.