Adding a living hinge to a heart-shaped container

I’m working with a heart shaped container and need to add a living hinge to it and was wondering where the best placement for it would be. The heart is made of .125” thick plywood, and has straight edges connecting the vertex of the heart that are 3” long. I was thinking one of these edges could have the living hinge, but then the container would open at an odd angle. But if I put it on the top arcs of the heart, I don’t think the hinge would be flexible enough to bend at such an odd angle there and it wouldn’t open fully. Ideas?

Hi Paige - if you can post a file that would be best.


90 degrees or 180? (or even more???)

I’m thinking at least 90 degrees, anything more might not work in any placement with the rigidity of the material.

if you can replace the living hinge for something more traditional:

If you can post a file. That way we have a more clearer understanding of what you’re working with.

Hi Paige,

I know you can get living hinges to flex in more than one direction, but I would hazard that for all practical purposes in an item of that size made of plywood and opening 90° you will need the hinge to have a straight axis - which rather dictates you utilise one of the straight sides. This is not unknown with heart shaped lockets so don’t think the angle odd.

An alternative would be to make the hinge a feature outside the boundary of the heart and with an axis parallel to its centreline, a sort of “in your face” butterfly hinge.


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