Adding a face onto a character with texture mapping- why does the face appear on both the back and front of the head?

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to Rhino at the moment, so I can’t give too much detail on this. Hopefully I can get some ideas for what might be wrong either way.

Anyway, I was creating a character in Rhino (using T-splines) and wanted to add his face using a V-Ray texture using an image I made, applied with planar mapping. I could not get the face to appear only on the front of the character’s head- it would repeat on the back as well. Check it out here to see what I mean. I wish I had the file I created the face texture from with me, but I don’t. It was basically just a square image, almost all brown, but with his face in the center.

I tried turning tiling off, but this didn’t seem to do anything. What other ways could I try to fix this? Let me know if you need more information.


one way to do this, so it works for any render engine is to use a decal and bake it:

  1. Go to a view from which you like to apply the texture, use _RenderedViewport display
  2. Select the object and from _Properties click on the Decal button
  3. Choose a bitmap texture, use planar mapping and set direction to “forward”
  4. Move and scale the decal until you are happy with the result in the view
  5. Use the _Bake command to bake the texture into a new bitmap

The last step should remove the decal assignment and assign the baked map as a texture in the material slot. You can use this texture with any renderer which supports rendering meshes with texture coordinates. It will only be visible from one side.


Thank you so much! I’ll try this out tomorrow morning when I’m able to get back in the lab.