addHatch and addHatches broken in latest wip

Hi, don’t know if it worked earlier, but rhinoscriptsyntax.addHatch isn’t working in the latest build.

Hi Jorgen- checking, thanks.

@Holo - that is working in my quick test in today’s in-house build - is it failing completely for you or not doing the right thing, or?

I see there is some unnecessary command line feedback though.


Thanks Pascal
It doesn’t create anything, but it does have some sort of “command is obsolete” feedback.
(I am reinstalling windows 10 on my mac right now, so I’ll get the correct feedback when I’m on the office)

i confirm hatch does nothing in latest V6.

Hi @Alain, i too see this does not work out of the box in RH6 using eg:

rs.AddHatch(crv_ids, "Solid", 1.0, 0)

It seems to fail because the Solid hatch pattern is not initialized on a new document. Would it be possible to add this fix to rhinoscript syntax for V6 ?


Hi @clement ,
I think the fix would be better added at the RhinoCommon level. I added a note about it.

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