Added Wall is Off Location

This is a simplified issue from reall project. As show in the video, when adding wall with profile, it needs a “Recompute” to set the element to the correct location. I’m not seeking a solution for this one, just want to know why it happens. (Solutions are welcome of course…but if you’re a developer and my reply to your solution does not fit your expectation please calm down and try swtich to a practical architecture perspective)

Thank you in advance!

The orange error at the beginning a Referenced Object not Found?

I’m guessing the Level isn’t setting on the first run.

Hey Japhy, I don’t know if you’re the same Japhy answered my “coodinate” post. If you are, my apologies first about that whole not quite pleasant conversation. :handshake:

The Orange Error is about the accuracy of the profile lines, not the “Reference Object not Found”. The level should be okay, but I will double check next week then come back.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Hey Japhy, I double checked the Level setting. It is fine. Any other thoughts?

can you post the files? I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue.

Hi Japhy,

I am back to this issue. Sorry for the late reply. The file before was a real project(big and lagging). The sympton disapear after I put the geometries to a new opened file. After accumulating tests, I attached these files that the sympton will show up even in a very samle revit file. I am guessing it may related to the “Level” setting. Cause when there is only one level, those 2 complicated geometries are fine.

The revit file is too big to be uploaded. If you create a revit file with like 10 levels, then bake those geometry in, you will se the off.

Program Version: 1.2 RiR and Revit 2020 are. Uploading: Off Directshape.rvt…
OffDirectshape.3dm (14.5 MB) (38.4 KB)

not sure if I hit the wrong reply. Please see attached file as above, thanks!

Thanks, I’ll take a look at it right now.

if you look at the balloons and the rhino preview you can see that there are numerous edge conditions that Revit can’t handle.

Yeah, I noticed those… but that is how the geometry is for the project.

My current test shows, eventhough revit can’t perfectly handle the geometry, if the level is reduced to one, this geometry is imported as an OK piece at the correct location.

DirectShapes will always come in the same world xyz as the Rhino, if you want to place by level you will need to make a family.

The current issue is some geometry will be off from its Rhino XYZ location using “Add Directshape”. Attached file is a instance to show that issue. I mentioned level becasue it happens when a project has complicated level conditions, not I want to place them by level. Please consider this as a bug report from a user.

Can you be more specific? The only geometry that came in works as expected.

Please isolate the part you would like to report as a bug.

It seems my guess about levels is wrong. I was symplifying the Revit file to upload it, but the sympthon disappear again… I will try to have a revit file that small enough to be uploaded tomorrow.