Add to/Remove from group behaviour

Hi there,

After doing some simple testing, I am wondering whether these commands could have more predictable behaviour regarding nested groups. It would be ideal to have the option to preserve original grouping hierarchies.
Please see diagram below.


grouping in rhino is a very weak feature - i recommend to use nested layer-structures to organise a complex document.

i use grouping for very very few workflows - one is to organise curves for nesting as some dxf-based nesting / CAM software need grouping to identify curves that belong together - for example a wooden board (rectangle) with a drill-hole (circle).
i would claim that as soon as you need nested groups in rhino, you should re-thing the approach you structure the document (in rhino) - this might be confusing especially with the background of other programs where grouping and layers mean more or less the same.

If McNeel wants to improve grouping, a interface similar to layer-panel for groups would be nice.
or all group-names could at least be displayed in the object-properties.

with scripting (rhinoscript, phyton, rhinocommon) it is possible to remove an object from a single or from all groups.

hope this helps - kind regards -tom


Thanks so much for the insight Tom.

I figured as such, and am gradually learning layer hierarchies. It’s often time consuming to navigate a huge amount of layers for a project, hence the use of groups.

I’ve recently learned a hack of nested isolation of sorts which speeds things up. Make a selection, isolate it, make a further selection, then IsolateLock. You can return back to the isolated geometry without losing the original isolation.

Grouping panel would be helpful indeed :slight_smile:


Hi Jeremy,

in case this is helpful, a while back I posted a script that helps to “extract” a sub-group from a nested group hierarchy:



Thanks so much Jarek for the reference and the script!


Hi Tom -

You could take a look at the Object Manager panel (the name is likely to change at some point) in the Rhino 8 WIP. It’s still very early in the development of that feature and nested groups are not yet supported. This is on the list as RH-66499.

thanks @wim for having a look at this. Sorry for not being so active with commenting on the 8 WIP … let s see when i find time to have a look at the Object-Manager or the follow up named version… kind regards -tom