Add thickness for the mesh which convert from surface

I’m trying to add thickness for the mesh which convert from the nurbs surface.
It doesn’t work and look like miss sth. in data list.
How should I do for it?

Thank you.

thickness .gh (24.5 KB)


FYI your file crashed my system.

Check this:

thickness BVR .gh (20.4 KB)


Hi @ajarindia

Thanks a lot!
I try your file however the project I bake from the Wbthickness has lots of non manifold file which is unprintable. Is that because the object don’t have cap?

If the data is too huge,you can change the base input setting to reduce the data amount, it is okey for me if you change the shape for it.

Thank you!

Offsetting will most likely have self intersections at the sharp corners. You need to do shelling. Look into mesh lab or mesh mixer. Both free software with shelling algorithms.

Thank you for your helping. I found that I connect the polyline direction input to the z direction which connect to the series, then it show duplicate in loft and get the wrong output.

Thanks to all!!