Add the retrim option to the wonderful _refitTrim command


Would it be possible to add the retrim option to the wonderful _refitTrim command.
in the case of a surface limited on two opposite edges. the command tends to ignore the limit on the other edge

I get around this problem for now by duplicating the opposite edge and then making a limit from the resulting curve

thank you so much


what about refit trim with an “all” option… would that do what you are asking?

hi kyle.
you mean refittrim on the two opposite sides at the same time?
if so, it is 80% sufficient.
but, what would you say in the case of a surface that has a complex boundary on the other edge?
this is not a very common situation during modeling. but it can be useful.
as in this example in photo.

An options in the command prompt. keep trim = yes / no.

{in any case. what you suggested is sufficient for this command.}

Thank you