Add Textures with Rhino Texture selector UI - started programatically

With the automatic UI it is easy to connect new texture

But I would like to do something similar (but not the same) from my Eto UI.
How can I open this texture chooser Dialog from my plugin?


@maxsoder - is this something you can help with?

I do not think it is possible to open that specific dialog. I cannot find it in the SDK.

@johnc Am I correct or wrong?

@maxsoder The C++ SDK has CRhRdkDocument::ShowContentTypeBrowser(). Andy said it’s probably not wrapped for C#. Would you be able to do it?

It seems this is not wrapped for C#. I will add it in v.6.x. That means that in the next version 6 release this will be included.

Great! Thank you!


Here is YT and it is implemented in 6.x. I do not know which will be the next v6 release, but is should be there then.

In C# it is called Rhino.Render.Utilities.ShowContentChooser()