Add stiffness to edge of mesh-Kangaroo

Trying to add stiffness to the edge of my mesh to get a more attractive geometery. At the moment my surface/mesh looks like this:

And the anchor points are on the mesh edges and center.


This results in the following:

Ive been trying to get the outer edges stronger to create a
Stiffness to (12.1 KB)
shape which is more thick, or in other words am trying to add stiffness to the edge beams so it looks more like the 2d mesh:

Esentially adding stiffness to these curves:

What would be the easiest way to do this?

Stiffness to (12.1 KB)

You need to define the mesh vertices closest to the two boundary curves as additional anchors.

I’ve also dialled up the reversed gravitational force, since it was too little to get any relaxation effect.

Stiffness to boundary (20.6 KB)

Starting to look like what im going for! The thing is adding the boundary as anchors makes it so it doesnt flow and act naturally as gravity would make it do so. The shape i am looking for is something more like this:

so it would represent a structure getting held up by 5 wires, and the surface is made of thin steel wires. This would make the shape fold a little bit but not as exagerated as a piece of cloth which is what my original script seems to dictate. So I would need to somehow add tengstile strength to the mesh so it would act like this, however i have not seemed to be able to do so as no matter what parameter i put in kangaroo componenets it always acts like a cloth. I hope this makes sense? It may not be possible to be this specific with kangaroo, im not too sure.

Check this out:

You should note that is is more akin to modelling with forces than how something like a membrane or net would behave in reality in this situation.

Stiffness to boundary Rev (32.4 KB)

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amazing, this is exactly what i was looking for! Thank you so much:)

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