Add/rearrange user objects to toolbar

I use user objects a lot and have a ton of them. Somehow some of them are not in a toolbar though and I am curious how I can add an existing user object to a toolbar?

I know you can add it to a toolbar when you create it, but how about when its not in a toolbar any longer?

Also, how do I move them to other toolbar sections or create new ones? Is there some keyboard modifier I have to press to be able to rearrange user objects in the toolbar?

It seems like that functionality to edit a toolbar is missing for user objects.

My growing collection of user objects I would like to rearrange better:

@DavidRutten I assume it is not possible by the lack of replies. Do you have any ideas or do I have to re-save all my user objects?

Hi Armin -
Organizing the toolbars will be possible in Grasshopper 2. For Grasshopper 1, perhaps there are plug-ins that can do this?

Haha, as if we needed another reason to look forward to GH2 :smiley: can’t wait!