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after reading this post C# Switching panels from the command it seems this user din’t get an answer.
I am in the same case: I have to add multiple panels how is it possible to do it? How to do it dynamically with a sort of list ?

Hi Markus,

It is possible to add multiple tabbed, docking panels from a single plug-in. You just need to call Rhino.UI. Panels.RegisterPanel multiple times - one for each panel.

Here are some simple plug-in examples that create tabbed, docking panels:

Now, of course, it is possible to add a single tabbed, docking panel that (itself) has multiple pages. Rhino’s ObjectProperties panel is a good example of this.

– Dale

Okay It worked.
Now some specific question :
Here you can see the beginning of my plugins

  1. Were you see the yellow box : Is it possible to mask the name of the panels contained into the wheels?
  2. In fact Strategie Panels Open and close the other panels. I need to display the panels exacty near the Strategie_panel are there some options to precise were we can open them?

Hi Markus,

Sorry, no.

Not really, as panels can be floated or docked, or docked along side other panels. Basically the user is in control of this.

If this type of control is important to you, then you might consider adding a single tabbed, docking panel that (itself) has multiple pages, as I mentioned previously.

– Dale

Hi Dale, do you have an updated address for those links? It gives a 404 error. Thanks

Hi @egdivad,

All of the SDK samples have been moved to here:

– Dale