Add-on to simplify matrix operations?

Grasshopper deals with lists and trees by default, but I’ve discovered that I often end up wrangling 2D arrays (that is, a list of lists, or a tree with only one level of branches, or a matrix).

Is there an add-on for Rhino that has nice column and row operations, like delete row and delete column, select every N row/column, and so on? I see in the Math section of Grasshopper that there’s a few basic matrix things, but not many.

It’s difficult to constantly have to think about lists and trees when you know that your data is a matrix…

Here’s a recent example I posted where basically my question could have instead been “how to delete the last column in a matrix” and I got one tip for an add-on there, but I wonder if there are more?

AFAIK there’s no such thing around. The answer that I suspect you wouldn’t like to hear is that you can do anything imaginable via code.

On the other hand - and generally speaking - if you are after simple or complex queries on “matrix” like collections (or any other to be honest) the orthodox way is to create … er … hmm… a List of a custom class type containing suitable properties (this List “looks” like a tree, mind). This - alas - requires also code.

That said if you are after portability between apps DataTrees (kind a dictionary of Lists) are not your best ally.