Add methods to TransformObjectList

Was wondering if it would be possible to add more ‘list like’ methods to the TransformObjectList in Rhino Common (add,insert,remove, etc. as well as be able to simply construct a new list). Seems like only way to create one now is through a GetObject and no way to add or remove objects from it. If this has already been added as wishlist then disregard.

TransformObjectList is pretty special, as they deal with grip editing and the dynamic drawing of objects for transform command, such as Move, Rotate, etc.

You can always make your own wrapper functions that accept object arrays if this is more convenient for you.

Only problem I have seen and if there is better way I’m open to it is if I do a getobjects to get a TransformObjectList and it is populated with a cage edit object for example and I apply a transform to that transformObjectList it’s captive object also is transformed, but if I simply apply a transform to a rhino object that is a cage edit object the captive object the cage edit object controls doesn’t seem to get ‘updated’. So later when I need to apply transform to that cage edit object I cannot simply apply a transform to it, I have to redo the getobjects to create a TransformObjectList in order to apply a new transform that will also transform it’s captive or children objects…Hope that makes sense and if you had a suggestion of a different way of applying a transform to a cage edit object to transform it’s captive object I will follow that if I am missing something.

Hi Chris,

You might not be missing anything. Let me try to cook up a sample to see if our SDK is complete.

– Dale