Add Lights to Display Pipeline in pyhton


I’ve just discovered how easy and speedy it is to display objects via inheritance of Rhino.Display.DisplayConduit in Python.
However, I did not find a way to add lights to the display pipeline.
@jeff If I may be so bold, I suppose you can tell if this is exposed at all?

Can anybody tell me if and how this would be possible from within Python, I suspect it probably involves the RDK at some point?

My goal is to simulate a series of more than 1000 pointlights turning on/off and dimming, based on various algorithms. Since operations on individual lights in the document are propably slower, I want to see if I can tap into the display pipeline. We need a close to realtime preview of the various frames, anything too slow forces us to revert to rending actual frames to files.

Many thanks in advance.

@stevebaer, is this something you can help with? I’m not sure where in the pipeline lighting is calculated…

We probably don’t have good support for this in RhinoCommon yet since no one has asked for it before. Even so, I doubt that we can support 1000 point lights in the display code.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the info, for now I have it working by turning lights in the document on and off.
I can live with that, so just leave it be.