Add item only in a branch of a tree

I have a tree with tree elements in all of branches except one that it has two. Could yo tell me how i can add one item of that branch to have the same numbers of items i all the branches?

first thing that comes to my mind is to do something like this

maybe using Tree Stats if you don’t want to write the whole path by hand…



if you always want to have the same length in all the branches, something like this could work. Otherwise, @inno’s solution is also good enough :sweat_smile:.

Add item to a (10.1 KB)

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Thanks so much.

Thanks. Could you tell me what is the meaning of the “search” entry in replace paths?

Replace Path is literally a Find/Replace “thing” that works on Paths instead of Text

so you need to tell him What you want to change, and into what it should be transformed

in the case of the above example, the component looks into (A) if it can find a path corresponding to (B) and if it finds it it changes it into (C)
probably it would be more clear if I had shown also the result of ReplacePath before the Merge:

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Clear! Thanks so much for the explanation.

Thanks a lot Fernando.