Add in-between outputs to List Item? ZUI

Any particular reasons why List Item does not have the same flexibility as, for example, the Merge component? I want to add an in-between output and have all of the update based on that.

Right now if I want to add an in-between output I need to first add an output at the end, and then reconnect each wire to the output below…

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I guess this is due to the fact that lists have an inherent order, whereas the order of merged items lists/trees is determined by the user through the inputs.

Hmm, I guess thats a difference… but I don’t see how that is a reason for not having the same behavior. It’s not like having it would cause problems, quite the contrary it would avoid tedious reorganization

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I don’t see usefulness of this behavior.
if you want multiple outputs of the list item component, then add multiple values in the i input.


I don’t want this. Each output of the list item goes into a different input. And sometimes I need to add an in-between output, just as you would add an in-between input to the merge component.

and be aware Merge only preserves order within branches.

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I’m sorry I still don’t see usefullness (-1) from me.

You can do all that with python or trees

Seems like you need this component:
but for lists not trees.

my (-1) is for changing the List Item component.

And this solves it without new component :wink:

Since I see the above as simply graft: :thinking:



I guess I could graft and use explode tree. Still, List Item should have the same functionality as Merge, Entwine, Explode, that’s the point.

Thanks for the suggestion though, I did not think about using explode tree.

No, please no!

The point of list ITEM is to get one item with specific index from the list.

I thought you liked coherence.

That’s illogical as I said above:

Speaking from my experience with Engineering Software development (not as developer but as a technical consultant):

The more universal solution you create the less effective it becomes.

Instead of making ListItem and SplitList into a single component and use only one of the functionality better make two components (as it is) and use separately.

One thing does not unable the other…

You are still getting a specific index form the list. It’s not like you loose control over it…

I never mentioned SplitList. I don’t want to merge two components into one. Why do Entwine, Merge, ExplodeTree do all have the same functionality? I am simply talking about enhancing list item. This does not make it more complex and much less nullify its main functions.

This is bad design.

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I don’t see the point I’m sorry, I have never experienced such need. Exploding the Tree does it better.

Adding output what output will it be? if the list is not of duplicated data, you have no control what will come out.

and what will happen if you add output but it exceeds the number of elements in the list?

You will hate this, but I use the zui outputs of list item a lot :D, especially the little trick of getting the -1 output (click the plus sign above the default output) to get from the end of the list.

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and what will happen if you add output but it exceeds the number of elements in the list?

It wraps, same as putting an index value in that goes beyond the index range of the inputs with wrap set to true.

Similar to explode tree :eyes:

in Explode Tree if you have less than the length of the list you have a warning.

My like on your post means I hate it :smiley:

Dear God I thought all that was a proposal, even the ZUI to that component.
:man_facepalming: :astonished::open_mouth::sweat:
I did not know this component had a zui.

Since it already exists I am not opposed to having the insert functionality.

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