Add Geometry Direct Shape - Freezes w/ 100+ Breps

I have (143) closed-breps I am trying to add to Revit via Rhino.Inside’s ‘GeoDShape’ component. Unfortunately Revit / Rhino / GH freezes indefinitely every time I attempt to run this script (press button) and cannot get it work in any which way.

I have gone ahead and internalized all the Rhino data into the .GH script and wanted to see if you guys might be able to tell me what is going on, see attached. Any help here would be much appreciated; we are trying to develop a workflow to do clash detection / design of MEP’s between Rhino & Revit models, very excited about the possibilities here.

Rhino -to- Revit Workflow - Add Geometry to (864.5 KB)

I believe its just a grafting issue, be wary of document tolerances as well.


Interesting. I will have to try this myself. I had thought if each item were in reciprocal flattened lists it would work but it might be the case that each instance needs to be grafted together as you are showing.

Yup, you were spot on. Thx!