Add floor error

Hi @Japhy,

I have some errors to add slabs using current RIR 1.22.8800.20258 (pre-released on 2024/04.24) with Revit 2022 and Rhino8.

I have failed to add slabs as follows: (6.7 KB) (7.2 KB)

is this maybe a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Junghwo Park,

Neither errored out for me. What does the Red Error Balloon say?

What units is your Revit file? Thanks

Hi @Japhy,

Thanks for the quick response.

I have also tested it in another empty revit detault template… it works in empty revit template in meter unit…

it just does not work with the actual project revit file… maybe there are too many revit elements in the project file? I don’t know -_-

I will try to investigate it further what cause that error above.

Thanks heaps for your help.

Thanks, Keep us posted. I’ll look into potential causes of that error as well.

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