Add component to several objects

Is that possible to add any component (for example Mesh) to several objectss which are selected in the same time?

1 case: I created the component using MODEL OBJECT for selecting. When I select only one wall in the model - it works, but when I try select several using SET MULTIPLIE MODEL OBJECT - it doesn’t, of course.

2 case: I use TS PIPELINE for choosing elements using any filter in the Tekla model. It also doesn’t work.

I understend that when I try to select several objects in the model it looks like a list of objects for Grasshopper. Are there any other options to add component to more then 2 objects in the same time? I can suppose that writing script using CSHARP SCRIPT can help but Im not sure if theese cases work at all.

Hi Arkan,

If I understand what you want to achieve correctly, you’d need to graft the inputs for the “Plugin input” component. That way the input objects will get separated and become input for several Tekla components, rather than just a single list which is sent to one component.




Agree with Sebastian here!

@sebastian.lindholm I found it :grinning: Thank you a lot!

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