Add command in Rhino 7?

Add a connect command at Rhino 7
And if you add the software like 3dMax, it’s very good


Thanks for the request. There’s a lot in that video but I think I get what you’re after. Some connect the verts command where the connection line adds edges to the mesh or subd. InsertPoint is a lot like this now but it’s not exactly like it and doesn’t work on subd yet.

I filed this as for now so it’s on the pile but I suspect if you could do this many of the other modifiers shown in 3DS would be needed too to totally recreate the workflow in Rhino. In the meantime, bring the base mesh over to Rhino 7 and use Tosubd.


Yes, yes, but the Insert Point command takes a lot of time, but the Connection command in 3dMax is much faster.