Add cap Quad subd?

Hi all
Its use is very practical
And unfortunately in the fill command this is not possible!!


yes very useful cammand
please add this Option

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Thanks, filed as


Hello folks.

I’ve been running tests on the Cap command on SubD objects lately, and I notice it’s still making only triangles. Even if you set Triangles=No, the Cap still produces triangular faces.

Would it be possible to make the command so that it produces something like this?

This is the file I’ve been using for the test.

SubD Conversion ring experiment cap.3dm (463.0 KB)



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In my think bridge n stitch
and edit vertice

nice shape~ J

Hi Jack,

Try the Fill command for closing SubD holes instead… here the Automatic option yields all Quads on your model

But it’s not the flow you’re looking for. To get that, Use Bridge > Fill > Stitch like this which is similar to what J.P mentioned.

Cap probably either shouldn’t work on SubD or make an Ngon like it would on a mesh. Filed as Thanks.


bridge would be the fix here- you can edit the curvature in command

you will need to stitch a few points, but the result is quite good-

Update on RH-60807… It appears that Cap will make Ngons on a SubD planar hole if it can and does in the case of one or two missing quads but in some cases three sided faces will be needed regardless of the triangle setting. Use Fill, Bridge etc. instead to control quad flow when filling complex holes.

Thank you. But that seems a very slow way of doing this. Is there any way we can speed this up?

I also voted to automatically generate the hole filling function on four sides