Add blur to hdri reflection

Is it possible to add a blur slider to the environment editor ? - to allow real-time update of the reflection image.
( Post production effect would also work for me )


I think it would be better to use the polish and clarity settings on the materials, since blurring reflections is essentially a property of a material, not the environment. For Metal it is called Polish, for Glass and Plastic it is Clarity. If you’re using Custom the controls are found in the Advanced Settings as Refl. polish and Clarity.

However, if you really wish to already blur your HDRi environment for reflection you could create a Resample Texture of your HDRi image, and set it to blur as well. But for Raytraced this won’t be real-time, as the texture has to be ‘baked’ (there is no conversion of such a Resample Texture into Cycles nodes yet).

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Hi Nathan, having blur on the environment is an old wish and is great to visually control the overall image without having to adjust all materials.

It is default on Vray and their default setting at least used to be 0.15.


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I have added the wish to YouTrack as RH-39683.