Add and Substract a Set of curves from another set of curves

Hi Guys,

fairly new to Blender and this is the biggest thing I’ve made so far, but I dont know how to continue.

Basically I want to join or rather “boole” the yellow and Blue curves together. One time they need to be added, one time substracted.

Then I need to fillet (in grasshopper) the blue marked connections of the resulting Curve afterwards, cause in the end I want to CNC Mill that thing. (thats why i need to fillet some the connections in the end, respecting the radius of the cnc miller)

My wishthinking result in the end would be one closed, parametric curve i can put directly into my CNC programm and mill it. Is that even possible?..

Thx for your help

kleiderhaken.3dm (2.7 MB) (26.6 KB)

Wow that was fix, I just prepared a more simple and cleaner file as suggested in the rules and you already fixed it. Need to look at the file ASAP. Thank you

(cleaner file neverthless, cause I can lol): (25.3 KB)

Ok I was not too far off it seems!

All I missed to do, was what I marked in the red circle. But why do you put everything in a curve object, into a boundary and back into a curve object? Is this kind of a workaround or is RDiff supposed to work like that?

And could I then instead of connecting everything in that “Join Curves” node before,
directly connect all to a simple curve node? (For what is “Join Curves” good then?)

Thanks so much for helping out :slight_smile:

I think I see the problem-
In your joined curves, you have one arc which is input twice (since it is rotated 0 degrees, it is a duplicate):

This causes problems when trying to join all the curves into a single closed loop.
It looks like using the boundary surface component as @HS_Kim has done is one way to clean up this duplicate curve.
If you don’t connect the extra curve in the first place though, the output of join curves should work being directly connected to the RDiff component.


You are indeed right about this. I didnt see that mistake, now its working as intended. How do you guys even see that? I am already confused by my own stuff :smiley: Thank you

sadly the perfomance of the everything when changing parameters is bad now, was hoping it is more efficient. but will do the job anyway

Blender ? :smiley:

Oh ups :grimacing: well but new to blend as well I guess :laughing: