Add a solid block at the top of cube, and make final structre as a one

I’m a beginner.
I try to some ways, but the final result are two part after “merge”.
I don’t know what I should do.
Thanks in advance.

Top (5.4 KB)

multipipe component creates subd geometry, u can not join it with other types of geometry (brep, mesh). you can use subd to mesh component, for example.
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I made the fastest solution, just so that you understand the essence of the problem.
Also you can bake your geometry, and use ToNurbs command in rhino

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ToNurbs works inside GH with plugin…

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oh, thank you, i did not know that!

Thanks a lot.
But new question made again, after Bake, I want save as “igs” type. But it doesn’t work, warning shows contains “mesh”. I try to convert mesh to volume, it doesn’t.
What should I do?

I tried to use IAC plugin, can’t get right results.
Could you show me the flow?
Thanks a lot.

Here definition from with IAC (11.4 KB)

as I suspect, igs type is nurbs based, in that case you have to use breps for export. IAC ->>>

Thanks! It work.

Thanks again.
Your solution is effective.
But is a new question, the final result contains some imprecise geometry where the union(the connect) of two parts.

What do u have a idea to solve it?

Leg height is now from floor to table bottom
Upps upload corrected (14.7 KB)

btw - you don’t need a plugin to convert SubD to NURBS in Grasshopper - you can just connect a SubD parameter to a Brep component and it will convert automatically


Yes @DanielPiker, but it will not convert with options ?
Ok, You are reight, in this scenario no needed extra component

Thanks for your reply.
I want to konw why there are some imprecise geometry, and how does it come?
And why dose your latest solution can solve it?
Haha, sorry
I have so many questions…

Here another solution with MultiPipe with more tweeked settings. (18.1 KB)

Here another solution with Pipe (13.9 KB)

I have so few answers :relaxed: