Add a handle in FilletEdge without changing result

As the title implies I’d like to add handles to a fillet with the radius set to…whatever the radius currently is at that point, so that I can a slight adjustment to a variable fillet in a more intuitive manner. Of course as I’m working now I can see maybe why that doesn’t work, it doesn’t seem to actually be possible to actually do that, it’s not actually generally possible to add a handle and set it to get the exact same result…but it’s something I wish was possible anyhow.

Hi Jim - Yeah…Makes sense, I do not know how possible that is - it might even be easy, but the UI is already such a jungle… I guess the option could be on the handle placing prompt, when you AddHandle, not out in the main UI.


Hi Pascal,

Yeah just that. Of course if I try to manually match up a variable fillet section with an added handle to how it looked before the added handle it just doesn’t work, like the math doesn’t actually work without moving around adjacent handles?

Hi Jim - so if you say, extract an isocurve and get the radius, then repeat the fillet with a ‘correct’ handle at that location, it’s un-clean?


Well I haven’t tried that approach, I just tried to match it up as best I could by-eye, but yeah the fillet winds up varying weirdly, like when adding curves trying to force a loft to pass through certain points, it doesn’t work well.

Hi Jim - a very simple case but here it did work OK as far as I can see. Which makes me think it might be possible to do automatically, I’ll ask Mikko.

  • make a variable fillet.
  • ExtractIsocurve someplace in the middle
  • CopyToClipboard, Undo the fillet.
  • Paste
  • Redo the fillet with ‘PreviousEdgeSelecton’
  • AddHandle
  • At the CurrentRadius prompt type in ‘Radius’ to launch the nestable radius getter and pick on the pasted isocurve.
  • Snap the handle location to the pasted iso.