Adaptive Parts Environment_VA Grasshopper components compatibility

Hello to everyone,
do you know the compatibility among VA gh components and Adaptive Parts Environment plugin?
Thank you

Hi @fn_a, the Adaptative parts plugin does a similar thing as the VisualARQ Grasshopper styles. I guess all GH files that are used for the Adaptative Parts can be adapted to be used as Grasshopper styles. In the case of VisualARQ GH styles, each definition must be adapted to the object type it is for. So for example, beams will require a path curve, Furniture and Element objects will require that the insert point to be on the 0,0,0 coordinates, or doors and windows opening profile is aligned to the X axis
Then all the geometry parts that are meant to be different components of the new style, need to be connected with an ending “Geometry” Param in GH, that VisualARQ will recognize as a component.
On the VisualARQ website you can find some tutorials: Grasshopper styles - VisualARQ