Adaptive Mesh Face Size


I want to create a mesh which faces size adapts to nodes. I did manage to do it with weaverbird laplazian smoothing, but at the cost of deforming the mesh. Can anyone help out? I need a better, more controllable solution as soon as possible, meaning control over min/max size mesh face, gradient of size, etc.

An idea I had was to adaptively populate the mesh srf and rebuild or add the new vertices to the mesh. However, I’m not very successful, as when I pull the newly populated vertices to the old meshs vertices to maintain the meshs typology, it always generates an invalid mesh, that I cant bake. Maybe someone can also help out with making it a valid mesh? So far, I tried many things like explode tree, deconstruct and reconstruct, weld/align vertices, cullunused vertices, but no success.

I looked into - still doing some tests - MeshMachine, ReMesh, but my final meshes will get too large for these algorithms.

Every help or even guesses onto how to achieve this are highly appreciated.