Adapting shape to slope/freefrom surface


I am trying to adapt a slope/terrain shape from a grid of boxes. To make it simple assume a grid of boxes like a chess board, when it is moved a slope/freeform surface its bottom level should touch the closest points. I can move it individually by moving the box but I need it to automatically detect levels.

One way could be dividing surface and getting points at higher vertical position in the region but how to make it to detect and choose that vertical level. Kind of like liquid adapting to shapes.slope (22.1 KB)

I have attached simple version where all boxes move in z direction but I need to move/lay just on top of underlying surface. Please help me in solving this.

i don’t understand what you explained; do you want it like this? or can you draw what you want

can you send the definition so I can test it.

slope (21.0 KB)

This is pretty good but the only problem is when you move along in x and y direction or not, the blocks goes below slope. I need all the bottom of blocks to sit on top of slope not touching the whole face but you know the lowest point of block should never go below slope.
levels%20(1) slope (22.1 KB)

took some time for image. Blocks should be like this but I know that bottom shape will be sloped which I will cut out later.

i don’t understand and you post the same definition
if you want something like the image so the boxes must intersect with the terrain
if you want the boxes follow the terrain and don’t go below it you can use something like that or find a better way

slope (38.8 KB)

oh sorry I posted the wrong definition. The definition I intend to post is below.

slope (27.2 KB)

i hope this help
slope (41.4 KB)

Awesome works perfect something I need to start the concept. You are just Incredible. :+1::+1:

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